The Journeymen

Details of a puzzled country.

The film chronicles the journey of three South African photographers (Sean Metelerkamp, Sipho Mpongo and Wikus de Wet) across the country as they explore the current state of South Africa with GoPro cameras strapped to their chests, feeling its pulse and asking the question “Has Mandela’s vision of equality in a rainbow nation been achieved?” The film poses this question with a kaleidoscopic set of responses that is disturbing, beautiful, thought provoking and, more than anything, movingly surreal. The film shows the underlying demons of our troubled national soul but also its deep and profound beauty. Made with technology that is widely accessible, the film is also a vibrant call to arms for new modes of film-making and fresh approaches to narrative. – Durban International Film Festival press release.

From the Jury:

The Best South African Documentary for the 37th Durban International Film Festival is a film that takes an uncompromising look at who we are, putting out a proverbial mirror to South African society; a film that takes us across the lands of our country evoking a myriad of emotional responses, the physical, political and social landscapes that our citizens have inherited. The honesty, bravery and commitment of the film crew has resulted in a mosaic picture of our country - with warts and all. This is a strong and uncompromising cinema that is simultaneously disturbing and life affirming.


“After seven months of shooting, GoPros strapped to their chests, they realized that their day-to-day interactions with a diverse range of South Africans offered a startlingly candid snapshot of a nation at a crossroads.” - Variety


Screen captures from The Journeymen documentary